Feel Free to Text or Email  Us: customer@jaxhelicoptertours.com

1) What is the youngest child you are willing to fly?

Your beautiful child must be at least 2 years old and willing to wear the protected ear gear unless you bring your own.   

2) How will my visit be?

You will be greeted by our courteous staff where you will receive a safety briefing followed by a photo session.  Yes, we want you to leave extremely happy and because of that get ready to take pictures.  Following these events, you will be flight ready where you and your personal Commercially Rated Pilot will climb aboard our four (4) seat helicopter for your tour.

3) When I get to the JAX Helicopter Tour Office, should I expect to pay additional fees such as booking adjustment fee or fuel charges?

No, our business model is a hassle-free atmosphere.  We believe that we are selling you the experience so because of that we provide everything for a flat fee.  

4) What is the maximum weight limit on your Helicopter?

The maximum weight is 285 lbs per person or a 650 lbs group weight limit.  These standards are set for your safety by JAX Helicopter Tours.

5) I am afraid of flying, however, I am looking to get over my fear?

No worries, you will be flying with one of our most experienced helicopter pilots.  You will be given all the necessary encouragement and support to succeed in this activity. 

6) I noticed that you run daily discounts on your website. If I book online do I automatically qualify for them?

Yes. By booking through our website you automatically qualify for our promotional 3rd passenger seat discount.  If you have any question please text our business number or call us.

7) Do you offer training for airplanes? (Fixed-Wing)

No, we only fly helicopters exclusively, however, feel free to visit our friends at 
Holliday Aviation (http://www.holladayaviation.com/)

8) What is there to do for my friends who may not be participating in your tour?

Your friends are welcome to seat in our lounge area and see movies.

9) Please tell me about your cancellation and rescheduling policy?

If we cancel the flight you will have the option to receive a full refund or a reschedule of the flight.  However, if you cancel on the day of the event a $45 booking fee will be charged and we will refund the rest unless you reschedule your flight for a later day/time.  Please understand that this booking fee is to cover the staff that is hired to serve you as we tent to only book no more than two sessions in one hour and we do not create a fast food drive-thru environment.

10) Can I bring my own wine or champagne?

Yes, however, must have a screwable lid to prevent spillage.  In addition, you must be at least 21 years old.  Please call us or text us for details at our business number.

11) I need aerial pictures of my site or multiple sites or a customized flight.  Can you handle my specialized request?

Yes, you will be flying with our most experienced pilot with over 12 years of aviation experience flying in the Florida, Georgia, New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and New Jersey areas.  Call us for details.

12) I am new or considering moving to Jacksonville.  Can you help me get an overview of northern Florida?

Yes, we can create a custom flight that will fit your needs for up to three passengers.

13) I purchased my ticket and I see a time range.  What time should I arrive?

You should arrive 10 minutes prior to you appoint picked time not the added range time set by our system. 

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