Vice President / Booking Coordinator

Nancy Herrera has many hats here JAX Helicopter Tours.  She serves as booking coordinator of all matters related to our day to day operations.  She gets to put up with Luis aka Captain Lou on a daily basis.  In addition, Nancy is a native German who makes our customer satisfaction her top priority which results from her 20 years of customer service, realtor experience, and 3 years of aviation experience.   


Operational Manager / Customer Service Representative

Carl Pollard has over 14 years of aviation experience.  Carl is in the US Navy where he works as part of a team for the quality assurance of the maintenance of the Navy Seahawk MH-60 helicopters program.  Safety is his number one priority so please listen to him. Carl's positive attitude towards life and great personality is why we consider him part of our family and are very proud of everything that he continues to achieve. 

Director of Flight Operations / Chief Pilot

Luis Herrera serves as the Director of Operation and Chief Pilot at JAX Helicopter Tours.  He has been in aviation for over 10 years.  He holds an Instrument Commercial pilot certificate and a Certificate Flight Instructor endorsement ratings with over 1,500 rotorcraft flight hours.  Prior to starting JAX Helicopter Tours, he spent a number of years working on the trading floor of the NYSE where he learned how our Equity market works. Above all, his greatest achievement is his kids, the life of individuals he has been able to help, and the ability to share his passion for aviation.